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Introducing the New Standard Controller
The Remote Plus Controller is the new standard controller for the gaming system, shipping with new systems as well as available for individual purchase. Like the original Remote before it, this new controller utilizes a triple axis accelerometer along with a built-in optical sensor that works in conjunction with the sensor bar. Together this enables the recognition of player movement as well as gives the controller the ability to act as a pointing device used in-game. Yet what really sets the Remote Plus controller apart is its incorporation of additional gyroscope technology.

Remote Plus gyroscope technology provides on-the-fly rotational motion recognition, once available only to players who purchased the additional MotionPlus accessory for the Remote. The Remote Plus controller contains all these motion-capturing capabilities within the body of a single controller. To top it off the Remote Plus controller maintains the same compatibility to games as the Remote, so you can play most of your old favorites with it. It is also the same size as the remote. Taken together this means no more extra accessories to buy in order to experience the full effect of past or future games designed to take advantage of advanced MotionPlus technology; no more compatibility issues with existing Remote peripherals and skins. Just sync up your Remote Plus controller and have at it.

Key Features
Moving forward the Remote Plus is the standard controller, shipping with all consoles
Incorporates the functionality of the original Remote and that of the MotionPlus accessory in a single controller
Comes in a variety of attractive colors, many of which match existing console color schemes
Maintains the same compatibility and backwards compatibility as the original Remote, meaning that you can use it to play these games even if the game contains no advanced motion-control features
The Remote Plus controller is the same size as the Remote, ensuring compatibility with all existing Remote peripherals and skins

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