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2.4G Wireless Cordless Rii Mini PC Keyboard Touchpad fr PC Lapto


This is a really good device.
However, I got the "Rii Mini" which is the "North American" version of the same device. There is no difference between the "ProMini" and "Rii Mini" except the Rii has English packaging and instructions.

The trackpad seems smooth. the arrow keys seem intuitive for navigating media center.

the back-light is bright and makes the keys easy to read in the dark.

One thing I really love about this device is how good the keys feel. Their quality is far superior to anything else. I find myself often picking it up just to type even when the computer is off because they have a nice little clicking feel that is easy to push, yet stiff enough to not accidentally push by mistake.

the only downside is having the trackpad on the side. it gets in the way at times.
Date Added: 02/24/2012 by Denis Matrov
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