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Sony MDR-V900HD Studio Monitor Type Headphones HD Driver


Have had the DJ-style MDR-V700 (THE #1 DJ) cans for years since they came out - still the best hi-fi set due to basic technology (50 mm Neodymium with response down to 5 Hz, huge power handling at 3+ Watts and extremely high efficiency at 24 Ohms). These are larger and more comfortable, more suitable for home use and less suitable for travel. Other manufacturers have still not matched the technology/fidelity at anywhere near the price (if available at all). Both are closed designs, relieving outside noise without the large high fidelity sacrifice inherent in any noise cancellation scheme. With its greater cushioning, ELF bass (5-20 Hz) is not quite as formidable as the MDR-V700 model (slight rolloff). Seller is also one of the world's finest.
Date Added: 02/26/2012 by clement deroch
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