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Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth MOTOROKR/MOTOACTIV Stereo Headset (Glos


I'm somewhat of a technophile, and I cycle through a variety of items. This is my second stereo bluetooth headset and I must say, it's a pretty good product. I use it mainly in between classes and in the gym. I've even used it for running, and it works well.

The sound itself is very good for bluetooth. I use it with my iPhone 3GS, and it connected and played music excellently. The only drawback is that the next/previous track buttons on the headset itself are not compatible with the iPhone. The call quality is good, and I've only had a few complaints about voice quality and that's usually because I'm on a treadmill (insert laughter here). The call button can even be pressed to activate voice control which works perfectly.
Date Added: 02/27/2012 by John Greco
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