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Sixty Years of Quality Sound, Sixty Years of AKG Expertise
For more than 60 years, AKG microphones and headsets have been synonymous with professional audio excellence. Since it was founded in 1947, AKG has been passionately delivering superior-sounding, cutting-edge products. Within months of the company’s founding, its microphones were being used by radio stations, theaters and jazz clubs. A mere two years later, AKG headphones were introduced to the marketplace.

AKG products quickly established a reputation for superior performance, and many musical artists started relying on them when it came to performing and recording. World-renowned artists used AKG products back in the 50s, while many of today’s most recognized artists swear by AKG products for live concerts and studio recording.

More than 60 years and 1500 patents later, AKG continues to create innovative and exceptional-sounding products for both professional and personal use. So it stands to reason that the AKG K 430 mini on-ear headphones deliver outstanding performance, unparalleled comfort and unmatched reliability. Choose the brand that the pros have chosen for so many years. Hook up your iPod, or connect your stereo or nearly any other audio device to the AKG K 430 mini on-ear headphones and enjoy the ultimate listening experience.

Your Personal Live Concert--Whenever You Want
Stand Out from the Crowd

The AKG K 430 mini on-ear headphones offer a number of high-end comfort features usually found only on more expensive headphones. Their soft ear pads have an incredibly comfortable fit, making them perfect for extended use. Featuring a lightweight design, their unique 3D-axis folding mechanism allows you to store them in their stylish hard carrying case (included with the headphones). The foldable K 430s make perfect travel companions, wherever you may go. Want to hide your portable audio device? Not a problem. The K 430s have an ergonomic, in-line volume control on a single-sided cable that gives you full control of your sound, even when your device is tucked safely away. And if you happen to have an older iPhone, there’s no reason to worry--the K 430s are compatible with older versions. And, finally, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd when you’re wearing them--the K 430 headphones are sculpted in crisp silver. Fold and go. Unfold and settle in.

Superior Sound

The K 430s are designed to deliver a superior personal listening experience with high-output sound, excellent frequency response and wide dynamic range, all while creating an environment that naturally blocks out any ambient noise. By using a closed-back design, the K 430s deliver improved performance and rich, detailed sound that’s free of distortion, even at high listening levels. High-performance drivers reproduce low frequencies down to 12 Hz and high frequencies past 28 kHz in stunning detail. Their wide dynamic range, high output and noise blocking feature make the K 430s the ultimate companion for any audio device playing today’s high-definition digital sound, especially for people on the go.

High Quality in a Compact, Portable Package

The hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts resist corrosion and enhance sound clarity, while the 99.99% oxygen-free cable improves sound quality.

Reliable Compatibility

You can use the K 430s with your home stereo, portable DVD, CD and MP3 players and many other audio/video players. With their slim, tapered connector, the K430s are compatible with all versions of the iPhone including first generation models. They’re an ideal upgrade to any portable device.

Lightweight, closed-back design features soft ear pads for a comfortable fit that is perfect for everyday use. The close-back design also ambient noise for a more relaxed listening experience.
iPhone compatability allows use with an iPhone without the need for an extra adapter.
High-performance, ultralinear sound is free of distortion, even at high volume levels, making it perfect for listening to today's music and movies
Unique 3D-Axis folding design allows the K430's cushioned headbad to collapse along a three dimensional axis to fit easily into the included carrying case.
Single sided cable and integrated volume control make the K430 headphones easy and convienent to use.

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